At D-BAT Addison, our machine cages use real baseballs and softballs giving our athletes a realistic game situation of hitting the ball.  Our machines are capable of throwing baseballs, as well as fastpitch and slowpitch softballs.

Speeds range from:

40mph, 50mph, 60mph, 70mph

Slowpitch, 40mph, 50mph, 60mph


 Our machine cages are not available for reservation, however you can reserve a front toss cage here.  Our credit rates for the cages are as follows:
1-14 Credits: $2.00 each

15 Credits: $20.00
50 Credits: $50.00
15 Free Credits/day: $48.00 a month- Click here for more!
Unlimited Credits: $88.00 a month- Click here for more!

Each credit gives you 15 pitches at your selected speed."
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